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All of the parts offered on this site have been removed from working 2008 - 2011 Smith Edison Ford Transit delivery vehicles that were very quickly withdrawn due to them being overweight. Some had covered under 700 miles. It would seem someone got their sums wrong at the design stage regarding which chassis to use.....

Why so cheap? There’s no catch, these vehicles were very very heavily subsidised and you are getting the residual benefit.

All of the above have been removed from working Smith Edison Ford Transit delivery vehicles that were sadly very quickly withdrawn due to them being overweight. Some had covered under 700 miles and only top quality components were used throughout. At these low prices no parts come with a warranty but please remember that these vehicles were all fit, well and working when prematurely withdrawn. 

Delivery is possible although I don’t like to risk putting anything except chargers and pumps into the hands of a carrier for fear of damage. I’d bring them myself once there’s enough to make a round trip worth while and to keep costs down to a minimum for both of us. Battery packs can be collected from Sheffield or again I may be able to deliver. Some parts are available for collection in Wickford Essex.

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used ev parts for sale at low prices

Thanks for looking in. The title says it all. New parts are very expensive and often have to be imported which adds even more to the price. Now and then darn good used parts turn up at a fraction of the cost of new which brings building your own E.V. out of the world of dreams and into reality!

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ev 3 pahse motor and regen controller for sale very low price
brusa nlg513 air cooled ev battery chargers for sale low price uk

Many parts from these short-lived Ford Transits are now enjoying their second life in the England, Wales, Ireland, Croatia, The Netherlands, Sweden, India, Norway, Germany, Zambia, Mexico, Wales, Ireland, Canada, Austria, Australia and America to people building their own E.V’s , for on and off road use, educational vehicles and of course many Brusa chargers are being usednot only on DIY EV ground-up projects but to speed up the charging time for those lucky customers that own a Nissan Leaf.

Stocks are limited and when they’re gone as far as I know there are no more available and this site will close down unless someone has a good idea for it’s future.

So... hurry if you need something as I doubt if anything of this quality will appear at these prices until electric vehicles are so commonplace that breakers yards will be full of them and nothing else!

emp29 ev water CAN 12 volt water pump for sale
ev vacuum 12 volt pump for sale